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Groundhog Day Snowshoe Hike

February 2, 2014


It’s Groundhog Day and in Bruce County, Wiarton Willie is the go-to rodent for spring weather predictions. Willie saw his shadow (meaning six more weeks of winter), but somehow this doesn’t depress me. As mentioned in my last post, the gloom that usually hounds me through the winter months is absent this year. I could just be getting used to the local conditions, but I think it’s a matter of beginning to embrace the season and enjoy it. And a big part of this has been taking up snowshoeing. Some pictures of a hike today at Walter’s Falls.


Do snowshoes actually buoy you up? As a novice, I was skeptical. But taking one off and stepping on the snow, I promptly sank to my knees – they work!


The trail here hugs the mid-slope of the river valley downstream of the Falls, winding through a mixed forest of birch, hemlock and cedar.


A few of these trees, like this hemlock that has succumbed to old age, are remnants of an old growth forest that evaded the logger’s axe into the mid 1900s.


Near the top of the slope looking across the valley…


Winter conditions and the “cumbersomeness” of snowshoes on a downhill course make for some tricky hiking. It will be good to return to the Inn, built on the site of Walter’s Mill, where a hot beverage awaits!

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  1. February 12, 2014 8:53 pm

    Yes, stop griping, it looks wonderful!

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