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May 5, 2013
Unusual Evening Bird Observation Notes

Brown Thrashers and White Crowned Sparrows observed on the property for the first time. Crazy Mockingbird-like singing from the Thrashers!

A lone Red-winged blackbird visited the feeder no less than three times this evening – very strange – lots of them nesting along the river but have never seen one interested in the feeder before.

A pair of Kestrels have taken up local residence. Tonight, the male spent a lot of time balancing on the hydro wire running to the barn. He was harassed constantly by a pair of grackles (after their young?). He disappeared for a time and then returned with a small snake in his talons. Again, the grackles went after him (wanting the snake for their chicks? just plain bloody-mindedness?, something else?)

Red Fox tracks





Bird Seed Bandit

Bird Seed Bandit

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